Will Changing Air Filter Void Warranty? - An Expert's Perspective

Understand how changing an air filter affects warranties and insurance coverage with this expert's perspective. Learn more about Magnuson-Moss Warranty Improvement Act and Consumer Product Warranty Act.

Under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Improvement Act, a manufacturer cannot condition its vehicle warranty on the use of any brand name filter, unless the manufacturer provides the filter free of charge or the Federal Trade Commission specifically publishes in writing that only the vehicle manufacturer brands be. It will not void the warranty if your high-performance air filter can fit inside the air intake. If your high-performance air filter has a large tube that could generate a lot of energy, you'll lose your warranty. Essentially, it's important to keep the receipts and other documents you obtained to change the filters; the tests would be your backup if your dealership tries to deny you having your car fixed for free. I have seen many drivers who have installed air filters in their new vehicles without encountering any insurance or warranty issues.

Dirty air can also leave dirt on the engine, making it difficult for fuel to get where it needs to be. For example, installing an aftermarket air cleaner may void the air cleaner and air box warranty, but not the entire car warranty. In addition, most insurance providers won't void your insurance just because of an aftermarket air filter. When it comes to changing air filters, some drivers have theirs changed once a year, while others have specific intervals for changing their air filters. Power and sound even though they produce slightly less energy than the more expensive cold air intake.

Air and oil filters are easy to change, you can change them at specific intervals so they don't clog easily. The CAI cold air intake is a great product, very easy to install and adds a lot to the look under the hood of the car. Read on to learn more about the Consumer Product Warranty Act, K&N air filters, and why they're a worthwhile aftermarket upgrade. Air filters help improve engine performance, so you shouldn't let it get clogged or damaged before changing it. When it comes to spare parts, such as an air filter, that can play a role in preventing internal damage to the engine, the requirement is to use parts “of the same type and quality”.

California prohibits installing these filters in your car due to environmental impact and noise pollution. After doing a lot of research on this site, I determined that I wanted a smooth cold air intake and that the cold air inductions fit perfectly. Upgrading your air filter is an extremely simple process and even if it is considered an “aftermarket accessory”, the Consumer Product Warranty Act ensures that you can maintain your warranty and continue to use replacement parts. It is important to note that while changing your air filter may not void your warranty or insurance coverage, it is still important to check with your manufacturer or insurance provider before making any changes. This will ensure that you are aware of any potential risks associated with changing your air filter. Additionally, make sure that you are using quality parts that meet or exceed OEM standards.

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